About the Hackathon

Hackathons give birth to innovations that have transformed and disrupted markets. It’s a platform for creative minds and self-expression for unsolved problems or for better solutions. Challenging the mind by competing with others for innovative solutions helps the individual & the organization grow to the next level. Pushing the limits of technology, combined with ideas for solving a given problem is a great combination.

The human brain is the most complicated thing that scientists have found. Keeping one’s brain active & continue to nurture them help to progress in life. Individual development and thereby organization development that is driven by innovation makes you future-ready. Competitions such as Hackathons have enabled this for long.
Twitter was created at a company hackathon!

In a world that is consistently challenged with various social problems, there is a dire need to find smart solutions that can help solve them permanently. Resources are limited to tackle large social problems. Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Healthcare, Education and Environment are some of the key focus areas that have world attention. Technology-enabled solutions can be made affective, simple and long-lasting.

You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to raise above it to the next level – Albert Einstein

What is TechSHack ?

Technology is either the driving force or it is the core for solving several large business or social problems.

At NASSCOM, it has been our ongoing effort to help India become the hub of technology innovation. In keeping with this mission, NASSCOM Tamil Nadu Regional Council in association with Government of Tamil Nadu is glad to launch a Hackathon named ‘TechSHack’ an Innovation initiative to further enhance technology skills available within the State by providing a platform to recognize highly skilled people. This Hackathon Initiative is desired to create a platform to tap the innovators of the industry and let them express their creative solutions to solve broader social problems with technology. That arrived us in a need for a hackathon mode, which will bring in a lot of brains and ideas to light to the right audience and eventually gets us closer to the vision of NASSCOM. ‘TechSHack’ hackathon slated to be held during this month is themed to look for smart & unique technology enabled solutions.

TechSHack is Technology led Hackathon for generating ideas to solve Social Problems. The driving force is to encourage companies & people think out of box. Mainly targeted at MSME segment and Educational Institutions, TechSHack expects 300+ participants.

Some themes you can pickup

This Hackathon will look for smart & unique technology enabled solutions in the following social areas:

Waste Management
Water Management
Rural Healthcare
Remote Diagnostics
Remote Physicians
Women Health Education
Improve Rural Education
Accessibility of Education in Rural areas
Climate Change
Early weather warning
Ozone Depletion
CO2 Emissions
City Traffic management
Improve Public Transport
Women Entrepreneurs
Improving Diversity in Corporates
Malnutrition Management

The above mentioned are just examples and not limited to these. It can be any social issues that are specific to Tamil Nadu


Individuals or groups (not exceeding 4) or represent an SME company or Educational Institution registered in Tamil Nadu.

The fun of problem solving and building something. But other that that,

Prize money for Winner – Rs 1,00,000 1st Runner-up will receive Rs 50,000 2nd Runner-up will receive Rs 25,000

Each winning team will get a Trophy Each individual of the winning team will receive a medal Each of the winning team will be given a slot to present in the Innovation Summit that is planned in March 2021.
No! Only for Educational Institutions and Organizations from TamilNadu are allowed.



One Lakh Rupees

1st Runner Up

Fifty Thousand Rupees

2nd Runner Up

Twenty Five Thousand Rupees

The top 3 winners of TechSHack will win Exciting Prizes and also will be given an opportunity to present in the Innovation Summit conducted. If you are a startup, you will get opportunity for incubating ideas through NASSCOM 10000 Start ups.


Top 3
Finalists & Prize money

Consolation prize

Event Completed

The event has been completed, Kindly make your valuable participation in the upcoming events too.
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